Rose Grow

Rose grow is a mixture of organic compost and bone meal and is the ideal medium specially designed for growing all types of roses.

Bone meal ismade up of finely ground animal bones. This natural fertiliser can remain effective in the soil for 4 to 5 years, because of its slow-release properties. Its high phosphorous and calcium content assists with the following:

  • Aids root growth
  • Strengthens stems
  • Encourages new shoots
  • Helps prevent blossom end rot.

Rose grow can be sprinkled at the bottom of a planting hole, or simply placed around the plant and worked gently into the soil.

Even if your garden soil is a little too sandy has a high clay content, the addition of the organic compost in our Rose grow mix will improve the soil structure. It also nourishes the bacteria, fungi, earthworms and other organisms in the soil, which in turn provides food needed for magnificent blooms.