Clivia Compost

In the wild, Clivias grow in the dappled shade of the trees in forests. The thick carpet of dead leaves on the floor of the forest provides the Clivia plants with abundant air necessary for their root growth. The leaves also form an excellent natural mulch that provides the plant with all the necessary nutrients. These wild plants therefore never have the need to send their roots down deep into the soil.

However, they can be adapted to flourish in gardens or in pots under the correct conditions. For this, they will need soil high in organic matter or compost; high levels of potash and phosphate, and humid soil conditions.

Our Cliviamix replicates these natural conditions and provides the perfect medium to meet these criteria. Its loose composition provides the necessary nutrients, the ideal pH, as well as a well-drained growing platform. This stimulates root growth, but at the same time has optimum water holding capacity to keep the plants hydrated. The air filled porosity (AFP) of the Clivia Mix of between 18 to 25% helps prevent root rot.