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Your May gardening check list:

Stick these reminders to your fridge as encouragement to spend more time in your garden before the days get shorter and cooler.

  • Your spring and autumn soil preparation will determine your gardening success this winter. The wise gardener will look to improve the level of organic matter (or humus) in their soil. Our high quality, organically based compost will improve the permeability and water retention of your soils and provide optimum nutrient levels for soils – the ideal winter preparation for your garden.
  • Water your winter flowering bulbs more frequently, especially as they start coming up through the soil.
  • Cut back summer flowering annuals to restore order and tidiness to your garden. Using a knife, shears or secateurs, cut stems close to the ‘crown’ or the dormant base of the plant.
  • Watch out for fungal diseases like rust and black spot on your roses. Remedy with 1 part milk and two parts water and spray them once a week.
  • This is an ideal time to plant up pots and containers both new and old. Rejuvenate older pots by turning them out and planting up with fresh new plants. Potted plants need to “spruced” up regularly. Something here about potting mix product??
  • Prepare yourself for some serious winter pruning. Start sorting, sharpening and cleaning your secateurs, loppers and pruning saw now.
  • Get ready for early frosts – especially in the typically cooler areas of KZN. If your garden is not yet mulched –it’s time to get to it. Farmyard Organics’ large mulch, which is made up of large pine bark chips, will insulate your soil, helping to ward off frost, while having the added benefit of looking great.