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What to plant in March…

March is a good time to start planting your winter vegetables such as leeks, cabbages, celery, cauliflower, parsley, Swiss chard and kohlrabi.

& their Companions ….

Swiss chard – Grows extremely well when planted amongst beans (string or green beans), onions and members of the cabbage family. Lettuce and celery are also good companions of Swiss chard. Avoid planting Swiss chard near any herbs, melons or cucumbers.

Celery- Planting beans with the celery will help to enrich the soil by adding nitrogen to it. Planting the celery in the shade of the Swiss chard will also help give it cover to prevent the celery stalks from drying out. Celery also does well with cabbage-related plants and leeks.

Kohlrabi – grows well with leeks, Swiss chard and onions

Parsley – Grows well will asparagus, carrot, chives, onions, roses and tomato.  Interestingly, Parsley helps to ward off asparagus beetles but attracts hoverflies. Parsley also increases the fragrance of roses when planted around their base.

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