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October is Rose-ober


October is undoubtedly rose month in South Africa, which means that from Pietermaritzburg to Port Shepstone and Winterton to Durban, you will be feeling inspired by the first flush of perfect blooms.

Here’s how to make sure that your roses are the envy of the street:

1)    When planting, use Farmyard Organics’ Rose Grow – the ideal growing medium for healthy roses. Rose Grow is a mixture of organic compost and bone meal, and is specially designed for growing all types of roses.

Bone meal, made up of finely ground animal bones, is a natural fertiliser that can remain effective in the soil for 4 to 5 years because of its slow releasing properties. Its high phosphorous and calcium content assists with root growth, strengthens stems and encourages new shoots. It also helps prevent blossom end rot.  Sprinkle Rose Grow at the bottom of a planting hole, or simply placed around the plant and work gently into the soil.

2)    Roses need at least six hours of full sun a day, so make sure that you plant them in a place that gets plenty of sun.

3)    Roses need a good watering at least once a week, or more frequently when it is very hot and dry. In especially dry areas, add Farmyard Organics Mulch, made from pine bark chips, to conserve soil moisture.

4)    Avoid planting roses near trees – their roots may invade the rose bushes and use up the important nutrients your roses need.

5)    If you are planting roses with companions, make sure that you give each rose enough room to grow within the bed. Keep an open space around the rose stems, especially when planting groundcovers, so that water and nutrients can penetrate.

6)    Support your roses with a stake in windy weather.

7)    Along the KZN coastline, where plants are exposed to salt-laden sea air, spray plants down regularly with water.

8)    Prune in winter.