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March Mayhem in the Garden

After the rush of the new school year is over, March is usually a month of mayhem for gardeners. There is lots of tidying, sowing and planting to do before autumn hits. To help you (and your garden) get back on track, here is a list of gardening must do’s for March.

  • Gardening in milder weather is a pleasure so why not get stuck in preparing your beds for autumn sowing and planting by digging fresh compost into your soils – replenishing the organic matter. Our compost is weed and odour free and is made from good quality raw materials, providing your soils with the very best organic matter available.
  • Winter and spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths arrive in stores this month. Buy them early and store them in a dry, dark and cool place until next month when the soil temperatures have cooled down. You can also plant them in layers in pots, ready to transplant.
  • March is a good time to feed your lawns with our Lawn Dressing to ensure good autumn growth that will help sustain the lawn during winter.

Farmyard Organics’ Lawn Dressing is all natural and made up of a blend of compost and Kraal manure that is high in nitrogen for vigorous growth. Our Lawn Dressing also assists with water retention and is a good defense against weed infestation.  As a most effective top dressing, we recommend that an even layer of about 10mm is spread over the entire surface of recently mown lawn and watered straight after application.

HOT TIP: Harvester termites can cause further deterioration of lawns already suffering from dry patches and mats of dry dead grass, caused by summer heat and drought. Try to water and fertilise regularly, and mow your lawn often but set the blades higher to encourage strong healthy foliage, which in turn will deter harvester termites from choosing to make your lawn their home.

  • Another task that can be done this month is the lifting and dividing of perennials like agapanthus, arum lilies and day lilies. If you are going to be dividing perennials then remember to water them well the day before planting and once lifted do not allow them to dry out. Using two garden forks makes this task a lot easier, insert the forks into the clump back to back and then force the roots apart by pushing the handles of the forks towards each other.

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