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Lawn Soil – Understanding Soil Conditions

Improving the health of your lawn soil is often more than simply fertilizing, watering and mowing the lawn.  Often, the health of your grass depends on what is under the grass; the makeup and organic composition of the soil in which the roots of your lawn grow.

All lawn soils can be improved upon.  No soil is perfect or measures up to the ideal grass growing standards.  To achieve their best growth, lawn grasses should at a minimum have 12 – 15cm of well draining, good, rich surface soil.  Remember, the deeper grass roots grow, the better for the health of the grass.  The real growth of grass occurs in the surface soil. The subsoil is very low in nutrients. Grass roots want food, so they do not venture much into the subsoil.  The subsoil does, however, act as a moisture reservoir for the surface soil.  For this reason, it’s always a good idea to water your lawn deeply.

One of the best treatments for the soil of your lawn is the annual process of top dressing.  This helps to build up the quality of the soil.  It also fills small hollows and bumps, smoothing out the surface, giving your lawn a professional elegance.  Our lawn dressing is made up of a blend of compost and kraal manure that provides not only cosmetic benefits, but plays a more important role by:

–       Retaining water and improving drainage over time with repeated applications

–       Helps renovating or over seeding

–       Protects the grass during winter

–       Is a natural defence against weed infestation

–       Is high in nitrogen for vigorous growth.

As a most effective top dressing, we recommend that an even layer of about 10 mm is spread over the surface of recently mown lawn and watered straight after application.

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