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International Year of Soils

2015 is officially the international Year of Soils, and we at Farmyard Organics are climbing on board.

Did you know that soil is actually a non-renewable resource and is an essential part of the global ecosystem? This means we need to nurture and replenish this precious resource – and organic compost is the obvious solution.

Soil is vital for a healthy planet and to general human wellbeing. Soil is, if you think about it more closely, the foundation for food, animal feed, fuel and the supply of clean water.

Here’s what YOU can do to help;

By mixing compost into the soil often will help to keep your soil healthy. Benefits include

  • Regular composting increases the water holding capacity of the soil
  • Improves soil structure and porosity as well as density thus creating a better plant root environment
  • Increases infiltration and permeability of heavy soils thus reducing erosion and runoff