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How to holiday-proof your garden this summer

Planning on taking a summer break away from home? For many gardeners, a concern when going on holiday is the consequence it will have on their gardens. But even the hardest working gardener needs a holiday – so with a bit of planning using our tips below, you don’t have to come home to a garden in disarray.

Mulching is a must

Mulched plants lose 25% less water than un-mulched plants. Farmyard Organics’ large, composted pine bark chip mulch is a good, high quality option for your garden. Apart from making the beds look neat and attractive, it helps to retain soil moisture and protect the plants from drying out quickly. It also insulates the soil, keeping it cooler on those hot summer days, as well as inhibiting plant diseases and the growth of weeds.

Prune before you dash

If you don’t want to miss the peak display of flowering in your garden, you can delay the best show by deadheading all repeat-flowering plants, like roses, before you leave. This way, on your return from holiday, you will be welcomed by fresh blooms!

Similarly, use a pair of shears to trim out older blooms in the beds. This will allow new buds to develop, ready to open in a few weeks’ time.


Most standard or family lawns will cope perfectly well if you’re going on holiday for up to a fortnight. Mow and trim just before you leave and be ready to do the same on your return. We suggest mowing your lawn a bit lower than usual, to ensure it’s not too “shaggy” on your return.

Find a garden buddy

Before you jump into the car to set off on your holiday, give your veggies one last good, deep watering. If at all possible, find someone you trust to tend to your garden while you’re away – someone as keen as you are, and whose crops you’ll look after in return.