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Getting our hands muddy for Arbor Week 2015

We, at Farmyard Organics, played our part in helping to “green” Pietermaritzburg this Arbor Week, by donating all of the Kraal Manure needed to plant 50 indigenous trees along the centre island of Bhambatha Road in Northdale.

The city’s municipal horticulturist, Mbhulaheni Tshivhase, who is the master-mind behind Pietermaritzburg’s recent project in which colourful vegetable and flower gardens have been strategically planted around the city, really went to town in an effort to celebrate Arbor Week this year. With our help, 50 trees indigenous to the region, as well as two new vegetable and flower gardens were planted along Bhambatha Road (R33).

The city’s mayor, Chris Ndlela, donned overall’s and picked up a spade, and together with John helped plant the first few trees.

“When I heard about the project, I jumped at the opportunity to help set the roots for our city’s future. It was a privilege to be able to provide the right organic soil amendments for this exciting project,” said John.

Farmyard Organics’ Kraal Manure essentially consists of organic material made up of the residues of plants, digested by cattle and then composted on our site. It is an excellent source of nutrients  for both trees and vegetables.  The compost donated by Farmyard Organics will give the city’s new vegetable and flower beds the best quality organic matter, which will ensure good root development and germination of the plants. It will also help to supress diseases and improve the permeability of the soil.

From 1 to 7 September every year, schools, businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in community “greening” events to improve the health and beauty of the environment and plan for a greener future for South Africa. Every Arbor Week celebration highlights one or two specific trees; with the focus this year on the Forest Bushwillow and Wild Chestnut – which were planted by the Pietermaritzburg municipality along with other indigenous trees.