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Gardening in Small Spaces with Hanging Baskets

Not everyone can afford the luxury of an open, spacious garden. In fact, as the size of modern gardens continues to diminish, people have to become more and more creative when it comes to gardening in small spaces. Pots, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets provide simple alternatives and add an extra dimension to your garden or outside area.

Happy Herb Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a beautiful space saver, ideal for a mixed range of herbs and vegetables. Remember though, herb hanging baskets must be suspended in bright sunny areas as most herbs and vegetables deprived of full sun will be weak and leggy.

List of hanging basket friendly herbs and where to plant them.

  • Basil – centre of basket
  • Lettuce – centre of basket
  • Oregano – sides of basket
  • Parsley – sides of basket
  • Rocket – centre of basket
  • Rosemary – centre of basket
  • Sage – centre of basket
  • Tarragon – centre of basket
  • Thyme – sides of basket

Simple, step by step planting procedures:

  1. Use a suitable hanging basket – the larger the better as greater volumes of soil ensure a longer lifespan.
  2. Suspend the basket from a hook at a level that is comfortable to work at and water.
  3. Insert a coir Liner and then put a sheet of plastic (refuge bag) inside the liner which will prevent the basket from drying out too quickly.
  4. Puncture two or three drainage holes in the base of the plastic.
  5. Fill the basket to halfway with Farmyard Organics potting mix – a light, well aerated potting soil enriched with the best quality Farmyard Organics Compost.
  6. Plant a row of suitable herb seedlings in the basket, starting from the centre and moving towards the edge, as well as around the centre of the outside of the basket (for effect).
  7. Water thoroughly.

Taken from The Gardener, 2013