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Garden care in July

Winter has officially arrived in KZN and with it, chilly evenings and the promise of many frosty mornings – especially in the Drakensburg, KZN Midlands and inland regions. Despite the cold, there are still things that you can do to protect, nourish and coax life in your garden.

–       Keep off the grass! Frosted lawns get damaged easily if trodden on, so be sure to stick to the pathways as much as possible.

–       Protect your flowerbeds, roses and delicate plants from frost with a good layering of mulch.

–       Remove dead, diseased or damaged wood from deciduous trees and shrubs.

–       Don’t overwater your plants. Most pot plants go into a state of semi-dormancy in winter, so a good watering once every 10 days is sufficient.

–       Make sure your bird feeder is well-stocked – you don’t want your resident birds to leave for greener pastures. Also remember to keep your birdbaths topped up – with the extremely dry conditions we are experiencing, the birds will be battling to find standing water.

–       In warmer areas that don’t get much frost, you can sow peas, cabbage and root vegetables. Peas are a great winter vegetable as they help with the nitrogen content in the soils. Good companions for peas are cabbage, turnips and carrots.