The Farmyard Organics composting process completes nature’s cycle by returning organic wastes to the soil.

Your spring and autumn soil preparation will determine your gardening success. The wise gardener will look to improve the level of organic matter (or humus) in their soil. The benefits of organic matter include:

–       Permeability (easier to work with)

–       Water retention (less watering required)

–       Optimum nutrient levels (healthier plants)

–       Good seed germination (even germination)

–       Proper root development (healthier plants)

–       Disease suppression (healthier plants)

Only a high quality compost provides all these.

The combination of a carbon source, a nitrogen source and a supply of oxygen in compost allows healthy microbes to devour the raw materials. In the process, they create a humus material that plants adore.

Creating compost involves an art of knowing when and how much to aerate compost, when to add moisture and bulking agents.   Given the fact that it is site-specific and climate-related, creating compost is a balancing act with a long learning curve.

Assuming that good quality raw materials are used, healthy compost should be dark in colour and have an earthy smell.   And that is exactly what you get when you open a bag of Farmyard Organics. You’ll be glad you did and your plants will be delighted!

Simply spread a layer of compost about 10 to 15 mm thick and work into the soil.