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Bring On Spring!

Spring is in the air and your garden knows it! Although it may still seem a bit chilly to you, this is the best time of the year to give your garden a general feeding and of course, to sow the seeds of some beautiful, bountiful annuals.

Don’t let your Christmas guests arrive before you get stuck into preparing for your summer garden! Here are some tips to get you going;

Prep your garden beds

Before planting, lightly dig Farmyard Organics’ compost into the first few centimeters of the soil in your garden bed. The high humus content will give the new seeds optimum nutrients for growth, and will help with water retention –something to think about, especially during a drought. Loosen the soil, and break up any heavy clumps so that the surface is smooth and even.

Sow those seeds

Seedlings offer instant colour to your garden and best of all, sowing is easy to do as well as kind to the budget. Spring is a good time to plant summer annuals like petunias, geraniums and zinnias. It is also a good idea to divide any perennials, such as agapanthus and day lilies, that have become either bulky or are reluctant to bloom.

The “in” thing

Believe it or not, just like clothing, trendy plants come and go each year. The word on the street is that garden trends are moving towards the old-fashioned, and taking comfort in the nostalgia of gardens of the past. Plants such as hydrangeas, lavender, moonflowers and impatiens, are again blooming in popularity.

Don’t forget the return of a true antique – the hanging basket, and the bigger the better!  With hanging baskets, you can brighten up a sunny wall, or with the right choice of plants, even add colour to those tricky shady areas.  The most popular hanging-friendly plants to try this spring are lobelia, geraniums, petunias and sweet alyssum, for their natural cascading ability.

Treat your lawn to a top dressing

A beautiful lawn depends on regular care and maintenance. This spring, give your lawn an early make-over by top dressing it with Farmyard Organics’ premium Lawn Dressing. Top dressing is simply a way of adding organic material and restoring balance to the soil. Farmyard Organics’ Lawn Dressing is made up of a blend of compost and kraal manure that will help with water retention and improved drainage. It is also high in nitrogen for vigorous growth.

Before adding the dressing, rake your lawn to remove dead growth and winter debris. This helps bring light and air to the soil level, encouraging the grass to grow. Spread an even layer, of about 10mm of Lawn Dressing, over the surface of recently mown (and raked) lawn. Water well directly after application.