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A winter garden’s gold

Winter can be hard on the garden but it doesn’t have to be if you nourish and protect with these three important products:

  • Bark Nuggets

Much like mulch, bark nuggets protect the soil from the changing weather. During the winter months, bark nuggets keep the soils root-zone warm thereby protecting plant life.  Bark nuggets also prevent wind erosion and discourage the growth of weeds. What’s more, bark nuggets are a landscapers dream for their decorative properties. Our specially selected pine bark nuggets are ideal for decorating around garden beds, inside pots and along garden paths and walkways as their rich, red/brown colour has great aesthetic appeal.  Pine nuggets break down slower than other types of organic mulch, which saves you money as you don’t have to replace them as often. Our bark nuggets come in four different sizes:   large, medium, small and orchid bark, especially suitable for orchids.

  • Potting Mix

Potted plants are a little more challenging to nurture because of the restricted area they have to survive in.  Specifically, they need a balance between a comfortable water level and good drainage to prevent the soil becoming waterlogged and rotting the roots. It is therefore important that they grow in a light, well aerated soil that will not inhibit root growth yet contain an anchor of nutrients.

Farmyard Organic’s Potting mix is the perfect solution as it is made up of 50% compost and 50% large particles of composted bark, making it fluffy enough to provide good drainage. It is also ideal for the potting out of plants from container to the garden.

  • Lawn Dressing

A beautiful lawn depends on regular care and maintenance – especially in our dry KZN winter. Applying a topdressing in the autumn helps to build up the quality of the soil and can protect the grass plant crowns (the main growing point) against frost. By filling small hollows and bumps, it also smoothes and evens out the surface, giving your lawn a professional elegance.  Our lawn dressing is made up of a blend of compost and Kraal manure and is the ideal formulation for retaining water and improving drainage over time. It also high in nitrogen for continued growth through the winter.